Yeah, just another dummy personal website (yet) ...

... nothing especially worth yet, but hey,
I'm working on it!

Finally! After roughly three years of marking time, I did another mini-step to some, at least somewhat functional website. Perhaps during the next three or four years - somewhere between my work, playing floorbal, taking pictures, sitting by the computer, playing guitar, sitting by the computer in my work, riding the water, sitting by the computer, playing with my brand new toy (HTC Magic - an Android phone) sitting by the computer in my work or drinking beer and rum with my friends - will see further development. Perhaps. :)

Regarding my photos - You can buy some of my few royalty free stock photos or graphics on Dreamstime, Fotolia, 123RF or take some really free on SXC, if you like them.

Part of the content will be certainly written in Czech and in terms of English texts - sorry if my English is not perfect, I am still learning. In any case, it is better for SEO. ;)

Angličtina v pohodě

Microsite, I created for my sister - yes, she is an English teacher. Maybe I could turn to ask her for some proofreading of this my stuff. :)

webdesign, code and photos -

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My most popular stock images on Dreamstime